Good training sessions & workshops

need practical relevance

I offer interactive workshops and training courses on market research and marketing topics that focus on the needs of your target groups.

Whether a concept writing course or an innovation workshop, a good course and workshop design always needs to relate to the respective client’s marketing or sales concerns.

The tct trainings sessions und workshops incorporate theory, but primarily focus on practical elements, resulting from or tailored to the customer’s specific questions.

Training concepts & execution

I will train your employees and project teams in marketing and market research-related topics through the design and execution of practice-oriented, interactive training courses. The main topics include:

Utilising Insights for Business Success –
Really Understanding Consumers & Shoppers

  • What are insights?
  • Why are they important?
  • How do I find them?
  • What sources are there?
  • How can I identify real insights?

The Art of Good Concept Writing –
Insight-based Concept Development

  • Why are well-written concepts important?
  • What are they used for?
  • What information is important?
  • How are they structured?
  • The role of consumer insights
  • The challenges of writing concepts today
  • What do strong/weak concepts look like?
  • How do you write convincing concepts?

The Successful Path to a New Product –
Successful New Product Development

  • How do you successfully develop a new product into a marketable commodity?
  • How do you develop ideas for new products?
  • How do you identify promising innovative ideas early on?
  • How are ideas developed further and evaluated?
  • How can you forecast market success?
  • How can you maintain a focus on the consumer throughout the entire process?
  • How does the innovation process become faster and more efficient?

Market Research for Beginners & Pros –
The Market Research Basics

  • How can you use market research for the success of your business?
  • What does a good market research process look like?
  • What types of market research and data sources are there? Primary, secondary, qualitative, quantitative, ad-hoc, panel, big data, social media, online, mobile, face-to-face.
  • What important methodologies are there? What is which methodology suitable for?
  • How do I read market research results correctly?
  • Deriving measures from market research results.

Workshop concepts & execution

I design and moderate interactive, results-oriented workshops focusing on the following topics:

  • Consumer / Customer insight development
  • Consumer safari / consumer closeness
  • Understanding, segmenting, and addressing target groups
  • Idea generation and innovation management
  • Concept development
  • Design thinking
  • Brand positioning
  • Brand viability / Brand stretch ability


Training Course and Workshop Design

Integrating customised case studies

  • Theoretical content, expanded on through case studies and exercises with practical relevance
  • Implementation and decision-orientation relating to real issues within the company

Involving the target group early on at workshops

  • As a valuable source of ideas
  • Serves as a guarantee that new product ideas are based on relevant consumer needs

Independent of day-to-day business

  • Coordinating and driving forward different work steps in an action and decision-oriented way

Cooperative, highly interactive approach

  • Involves multi-functional teams
  • Combination of plenary sessions and working in small groups
  • Combination of creativity and clear process structures

Unbiased perspective from an independent third party

  • Sparring partner for marketing and management

Individualisation and adaptation

  • Suitable for rollouts in different countries, regions, or product categories through adaptations to specific geographic features or target groups.


Moderating training courses and workshop

Over 25 years of experience in designing and moderating multi-functional team processes, training courses, and workshops

  • For innovation, market research, consumer insights, concept writing, and brand positioning in Europe, Asia, South and North America


Am Borgfelder Saatland 64
28357 Bremen, Germany