Schachspiel als Synonym für die richtige Marktforschungsstrategie Achieving
business success
with strategic market research

Good market research requires

market research expertise

Regardless of whether your internal market research department needs assistance, or you don´t have your own market research department, I am happy to support you with my many years of experience in a wide range of markets as well as my market research expertise.

Always aligned with your business goals, core markets, target groups, and budgets, and in coordination with you, I will take care of the planning and execution of all of your company’s market research tasks with full flexibility. I work externally, but also like an internal employee and as part of your company whenever necessary. This allows you to focus on your core tasks while your company benefits from my market research competence.

Consulting & planning

From the briefing through to the recommended actions

  • Sparring partner for identifying market research needs based on the annual marketing and R&D planning
  • Annual planning and budgeting of market research activities
  • Strategy and ROI-oriented prioritisation of market research investments
  • Devising detailed modular market research plans with individual steps that complement each other in a sensible way

Project management

Briefing & research request

  • Sparring partner for defining the study’s objectives, target groups, success parameters
  • Test design
  • Methodology selection
  • Sampling structure
  • Information requirement

Field preparation & control

  • Developing the content of questionnaires to cover all the study’s objectives
  • Support in preparing stimulus material
  • Quality control (e.g. online link check or field visit)

Agency briefing & selection

  • Obtaining and comparing quotes, incl. price negotiations
  • Agency selection and recommendation

Data preparation & statistical analyses

  • Defining the analysis plan in accordance with the study’s objectives
  • Quality control of the evaluation

Presentation, reporting, summary, recommendations

  • Feedback loops to finalise the report until all study objectives have been addressed
  • Management summary with recommendations relevant to decision-making and action-taking

Special consulting projects

Aside from planning market research and implementing market research projects, I advise clients on the topics of consumer insight, market research, and innovation management within the framework of special consulting projects.

Insight management

Development of customised programmes to generate, activate, and implement insights within your company. “Consumer insights”, “Customer insights”, “Shopper insights”, “User insights”

Methodology evaluation

Creating extensive overviews as well as expert evaluations of current market research methodologies and available test procedures.

Contract negotiations & harmonisation projects

Leading contract negotiations and executing (international) harmonisation projects, e.g. tracking studies and panel data contracts in cooperation with the specialist departments and procurement.

Market research process

Implementing structured and efficient market research processes.

Agency selection

Evaluation, selection, and recommendation of market research agencies to determine the preferred provider.

Knowledge management

Building up, summarising and analysing market research knowledge and making this knowledge accessible within your company.

Conducting a market research audit

Analysis, evaluation of the status quo, and consultation regarding the future requirements in the area of market research.

Best practice

Creating best practice handbooks tailored to your company. Developing action plans to implement proven standard procedures.


Experience & synergies

Ability to interpret market research data in a business and action-oriented way

  • Recognising the common thread
  • Answering the questions of “so what?” and “what next?”

Synergies from a wide range of categorical knowledge

  • Enables competent strategic support
  • Meta-analyses / category reviews

Extensive experience in managing market research projects

  • Quality and efficiency
  • Based on real company circumstances

Many years of experience with all relevant market research methodologies

  • Objective assessment of whether existing data suffice as a basis of decision-making
  • Avoiding “over-engineering”
  • Prioritising the market research budget (must-have vs. nice-to-have)
  • Overview of the international market research market (methodologies & service providers)

Drawing on abundant

resources with

the tct toolbox

I take advantage of a wide range of methods and procedures, individually tailored to your situation. I work with all relevant agencies around the world. Thanks to the combination of these tools, service providers, and my many years of consulting expertise, your company will benefit from real added value.  

Have a look at the


Market & customers
  • Usage & attitude
  • Target group segmentations
  • Insight exploration
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Customer closeness, consumer safaris, ethnography
  • UX/user experience
  • Consumer journey
  • Design thinking
  • Market size and demand estimations
  • Market modelling
  • Competition analysis
  • Trend research
Product innovation
  • Product concept development
  • Product development and testing
  • Volume forecasts, simulated test markets
Communication / media
  • Copy testing
  • Touch points & consumer journey
  • Social media monitoring
  • 360° media mix
  • Advertising efficiency measurement
  • Advertising efficiency
  • Modelling
  • Brand essence
  • Brand stretching
  • Brand health
  • Positioning
Marketing mix optimisation
  • Pricing and price optimisation
  • Product handling
  • Packaging design
  • Sensoric and taste testing
  • Product portfolio optimisation
  • Promotion efficiency
Shopper / category management
  • Path-to-purchase
  • Shopper insights
  • Shopper segmentation
  • Shelf placement optimisation
  • Shopping basket analysis
  • Product range optimisation
Tracking / Monitoring
  • Advertising tracking / advertising efficiency
  • Brand health
  • Household panel analyses
  • Trade panel analyses
  • Social media monitoring


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